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Peter Little, Director, Emory Program in Development Studies

PhD Indiana University | Professor of Anthropology

economic anthropology, development anthropology, ecological anthropology, political economy, agrarian change, pastoralism, sub-Saharan Africa. | (404) 727-0994 | Anthropology 305

Peggy F. Barlett

PhD Columbia University | Goodrich C. White Professor of Anthropology

Cultural anthropology, economic anthropology, sustainable development, agricultural systems, gender; U.S., Latin America. | (404) 727-5766 | Anthropology 216

Peter J. Brown

PhD State University of New York at Stony Brook | Professor of Anthropology

Medical anthropology, disease eradication and development, infectious diseases, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, Mediterranean Europe. | (404) 727-5760 | Anthropology 215

Leonard Carlson

PhD Stanford University | Associate Professor of Economics

Economic history, Economics of federal Indian policy, applied microeconomics, labor economics. | (404) 727-6375 | Rich Memorial 306F

Sam Cherribi

PhD University of Amsterdam | Senior Lecturer in Sociology

European politics & public policy, Islam in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, development in low income countries, European Union governance, political elites. | (404) 727-7909 | 112A Tarbutton Hall

Clifton Crais

PhD Johns Hopkins | Professor of History

African history, especially Southern Africa, state formation and political culture, inequality, comparative empire and world history, biography and heterography, the histories and anthropologies of violence, and the organization of knowledge across the humanities and interpretative social sciences. | (404) 727-8396 | Bowden 326

David R. Davis

PhD University of Colorado, Boulder | Associate Professor of Political Science

International relations, domestic politics and international conflict, political violence and ethnic conflict, defense economics and the political economy of development, the durable resolution of ethnic conflict, democratization and ethnic conflict, crisis escalation and domestic-international conflict linkages. | (404) 727-0109 | 330 Tarbutton Hall

Richard F. Doner

PhD University of California, Berkeley | Professor of Political Science

Comparative political economy of Southeast Asia; political and institutional bases of

economic growth; sectoral focus on automotive, textiles, rubber, hard disk drive industries. | (404) 727-7914 | 304 Tarbutton Hall

Carla Freeman

PhD Temple University | Winship Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies

Cultural anthropology, gender and feminist anthropology, political economy and development, postcoloniality, global restructuring and transnational culture; Caribbean.  | (404) 727-1039 | Anthropology 219

Jennifer Gandhi

PhD New York University | Assistant Professor of Political Science

Comparative politics and political economy; dictatorships, including their institutional design, modes of leadership succession, the role of ideology, and variations in their economic performance; South Asia | (404) 727-1935 | 336 Tarbutton Hall

Aimee Webb Girard

PhD Emory University | Assistant Professor, Hubert Department of Global Health

Identifying barriers and interventions to improve infant and young child feeding. | (404) 727-8807 | 1518 Clifton Rd, 7th Floor

Robert Goddard

PhD Emory University | Lecturer in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Political economy of sugar and tourism in the Caribbean. | (404) 727-6519 | Callaway 505S

Craig Hadley

PhD University of California, Davis | Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Biological anthroplogy, global health, demography, nutritional adaptation; Africa. | (404) 727-5248 | Anthropology 218D

Nafisa Halim

PhD University of New Mexico | Post-Doctoral Fellow, Hubert Department of Global Health

Human development, gender-sensitive redistribution, efficiency in public organization, South Asia. | (505) 720-5157 | 1518 Clifton Rd, 7th Floor

Alexander M. Hicks

PhD University of Wisconsin | Winship Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology

Political sociology and economy of industrial societies, comparative political economy and development, methodology, relations between class formation, political organization, social policy, and cultural forms. | (404) 727-0832 | 215 Tarbutton Hall

Uriel Kitron

PhD University of California, Santa Barbara | Professor and Chair, Environmental Studies

Eco-epidemiology of infectious diseases, with an emphasis on tropical and emerging diseases and environmental risk factors, anthropogenic changes, including issues of climate, urbanization, agricultural practices and conservation. | (404) 727-4253 | E511 Math and Science Center

Bruce Knauft

PhD University of Michigan | Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology

Cultural anthropology, sociocultural and critical theory, power, representation, gender and sexuality, violence, history and ethnography, the evolution of violence, Melanesia. | (404) 727-5769 | Anthropology 213

Corinne Kratz

PhD University of Texas, Austin | Professor of Anthropology and African Studies

Cultural anthropology, communication and culture, ceremony and performance, gender, cultural history, museums and cultural display, visual anthropology, East Africa. | (404) 727-1036 | Anthropology 218B

Reynaldo Martorell  

PhD | Robert W. Woodruff Professor of International Nutrition, Hubert Department of Global Health

Early childhood nutrition and its effects on human capital (intellectual functioning, schooling, adult health) and economic productivity. | (404)727-9854 | 1518 Clifton Rd. Room 6-407

David Nugent

PhD Columbia University | Professor of Anthropology; Director, Masters in Development Practice Program

practice of development, political and economic anthropology, symbolism and power, race and inequality, Latin America, indigenous North America. | (404) 727-4164 | Anthropology 212

Clair Null

PhD University of California, Berkeley | Assistant Professor, Hubert Department of Global Health

Household decision-making, willingness to pay for health inputs, water/sanitation/hygiene in developing countries. | (404) 712-1924 | 1518 Clifton Rd.

Kristin Phillips

PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison | Lecturer in Anthropology

Development Anthropology; political anthropology; agrarian change; gender; power, knowledge and representation; education; Sub-Saharan Africa| (404) 727-9551 | 305 Anthropology |

Thomas F. Remington

PhD Yale University | Goodrich C. White Professor of Political Science

Institutional change in transitional states; development of representative institutions in postcommunist states; comparative labor market and welfare institutions in postcommunist Russia. | (404) 727-6566 | 306 Tarbutton Hall

Carla Roncoli

PhD SUNY Binghamton | Associate Director, Masters in Development Practice Program; Adjunct Faculty in Anthropology. Environmental anthropology, human dimensions of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation, agricultural livelihoods, participatory processes, gender, Africa. | (404) 727-4394 | 1599 Clifton Rd.

Richard Rubinson

PhD Stanford University | Professor of Sociology

Political economy of development, political sociology, sociology of education, organizations, comparative studies of industrial regulation, schooling, state, and economy in East Asia. | (404) 727-2531 | 217D Tarbutton Hall

Pamela Scully

PhD University of Michigan | Professor of Women's Studies and African Studies

Comparative women's and gender history. Current work examines the relevance of history and feminist theory to campaigns to end gender-based violence in post-conflict societies. | (404) 727-0096 | 128 Candler Library

Gordon L. Streeb

PhD University of Minnesota | Visiting Faculty, Department of Economics

Economic development, sub-Saharan Africa, development policy. U.S. Foreign Service, 30 years. Ambassador to Zambia. Vice President for Peace Programs, The Carter Center, 10 years. | (404) 712-7083 | Rich Memorial 331

Tracy Yandle

PhD Indiana University | Associate Professor of Environmental Studies 

Social and institutional changes associated with the market-based regulatory approach, the co-management approach to resource management, the interaction of institutions, property rights, and the environment, meta-analyses of the property rights and governance in fisheries around the world. | (404) 727-6314 | Math and Science Center E514

Kathryn Yount

PhD Johns Hopkins University | Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Health,

Affiliated faculty, Women's Studies and Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

Global demography, sociology of the family and intergenerational relations, gender gaps in human resources across the lifecourse, qualitative and quantitative research methods, Asia and the Middle East. | (404) 727-8511 | 202 Tarbutton Hall