Graduate Curriculum

Graduate students can engage with development studies at Emory in several ways. For those seeking training in pursuit of development practice, Emory offers the Masters in Development Practice (MDP) graduate degree program ( For graduate students enrolled in other programs at Emory, a number of courses are offered each year in a variety of disciplines that are taught by Development Studies-affiliated faculty and focus on development-related issues. Below is a list of Development Studies-related graduate courses in recent academic years.

Development Studies-related Graduate Courses for Academic Years 2007-2012

AFS 585 Gender Violence, Gender Justice Scully
AFS 585/HIST 585 Modern Empire and its Dissolutions Crais
ANT 504-00P Culture, Economy, and Ecology Little
ANT 506 Culture and Power Kratz
ANT 555-00P Anthropology and Global Health Brown
ANT 585-000/HIST 562/ILA 790 Spec. Topics: New Paradigms and Old Trends in Latin America Yannakakis
ANT 585-00P Spec. Topics: Issues in Sustainability Barlett
ANT 585-01P Critical Theory and Ethnography: Politics, Narrative, Experience Knauft
ANT 585-02P Spec. Topics: Anthropological Demography Hadley
ANT 585-02P/ILA 790/AFS 790/HIST 585 Gender, Generations, and Power in Africa Bay
ANT 585-03P Spec. Topics: Subalternity and Difference Knauft, Mohan
ANT 585-03P Ethnic Mobilization and the Search for Citizenship in Latin America de la Pena
ANT 585-03P/HIST 585 Subaltern Citizens and their Histories: Investigations from South and North Knauft, Pandey
ANT 58501P Development and Change Little
ANTH 506 Culture and Power Kratz
BSHE 524 Community Needs Assessment Butler
BSHE 535 Macrosocial Determinants of Health Cooper
BSHE 560R Spec. Topics: Syndemics and Health Wong
BSHE 565 Violence as a Public Health Problem Houry
BSHE 578 Ethics in Public Health Semaan
ECON 731 International Trade Theory Miyagiwa
ECON 732 International Finance Molodtsova
EOH 581 National Security and Public Health Consequences of Disasters and Terrorism  Keim
EOH 582/GH 582 Environment, Climate, and Infectious Disease Remais, Hess
EOH 582/GH 582 Global Climate Change: Health Impacts and Response Remais, Hess
EOH 584 Built Environment and Public Health TBA
EOH 586 Advanced Seminar in Climate Change and Public Health Hess, Remais
GH 505 Case Studies in International Health Management McFarland
GH 507 Health as Social Justice Kiser
GH 508 Health and Human Rights Seminar Evans, Hinman
GH 510 EEpidemiological Methods in Human Emergencies Galloway
GH 511 International Infectious Disease Tellez
GH 513 Community Based Participatory Action Research Malik
GH 526/POLS 585 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights Queen
GH 527 Migration and Health Stephenson
GH 529 Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries Moe
GH 531 Psychological Impact of Complex Humanitarian Emergencies Martell
GH 538 Food and Nutrition in Human Emergencies Talley
GH 540 Population Dynamics Huang
GH 541 Technology of Fertility Control Hatcher, Rochat
GH 546 Maternal and Child Nutrition Ramakrishnan
GH 552 Global Elimination of Micronutrient Malnutrition Suchdev, Martorell, Flores
GH 557 Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives Brown
GH 559/SOC 389/WS 385 Gender, Health, and Development Yount
GH 560 Monitoring and Evaluating Global Public Health Programs TBA
GH 568 Population Problems Yount
GH 569 Introduction to Demography for Public Health Argeseanu-Cunningham
GH 572 Community Transformation Foster
HIST 540 The English Colonies in America Juricek
HIST 560P Topics in Colonial Latin American History Socolow
HIST 585 Spec. Topics: Early Modern Europeans and the Atlantic World Melton
HIST 585 Spec. Topics: American Revolution in the Atlantic World Desrochers
HPM 501 Public Health and Resource Allocation Thorpe
HPM 576 Policy Analysis: Analytic Applications Howard
MDP 502 Development Economics Lodhi
MDP 504 Political Economy of Development Practice Little
MDP 505 Ecosystems, Natural Resources, and Development Yandle
MDP 506 Seminar: Research Methods for Development Practice Nugent
MDP 509 Rights, Governance, and Development Munoz
MDP 510 Gender and Development Roncoli
MDP 513 Energy, Engineering, and Infrastructure Hughes (GA Tech)
MDP 514 Seminar in Applied Development Practice Nugent
MDP 515/BUS 31 Social Enterprise Roberts
MDP 585 Perspectives and Policies for Sustainable Development
POLS 510 World Politics Reiter
POLS 585 Spec. Topics: Dictatorship and Development Gandhi
POLS 585 Spec. Topics: Political Economy of Development Doner
SOC 520 Political Sociology Hicks
SOC 525 Global Structures and Processes Boli
SOC 527/WS 585 Gender and Global Health Yount
SOC 729 Introduction to Political Economy and Development Rubinson
SOC 521 Social Movements and Revolutions Werum
WS 585 Vulnerability and Intersectionality: Global Perspectives on Disability and Gender Kim
WS 585 Feminist Political Theory Sparks
WS 585 Global Feminisms and the Study of Women and Religion in America Diakite
WS 700 Gender and globalization Freeman
WS 751 Feminist Theory: Human Rights and Genocide Scully
Revised 1/5/12